101 Career Planning & Job Search Tips 11 – 20

Here is the extended list of 101 Career Planning & 
Job Search Tips which have featured highly on Twitter.
101 Career Planning & Job Search Tips [2 - 20]

  • What would you do for free and why?

  • Volunteer your time & try new things

  • Which brands do you associate with & why?

  • What would be your ideal location

  • Create a list of your top 10 companies to work for. Get addresses and research contact names. Letters to The Manager get opened in the post room.

  • Could you create your own business. What’s your niche? Your angle?

  • Could you have more than one role, a portfolio option?

  • Create a list of agencies in your local area

  • Create a list of agencies in your specific field

  • Get to know the employment agencies in person. It’s much easier for the agent to place someone who they’ve met and spoken with.

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