101 Career Planning & Job Search Tips [21 - 30]

Here is the extended list of 101 Career Planning & 
Job Search Tips which have featured highly on Twitter.

Spend ¼ of your time online doing job searches. Maximum.

Spend ¾ of your time generating pro-active connections. Minimum.

It’s easier to find work when you’re in work. Consider taking a part-time role or volunteer to keep your mind active and connected to work in some way.

Temporary or part-time roles often grow. Is there an opportunity for you to create your own future by building and growing within a role.

Make one new connection each day. Either in person, or virtually.

Have at least one face to face meeting each week. You cannot talk to too many people when your job hunting.

Create a 30 second personal pitch.

Create a 1 minute personal pitch.

Consider: Situations, Tasks, Actions & Results. STAR answers are considered the best way to respond to competency style questions.

Practise S T A R answers for common questions. Ask a friend to help. 

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