101 Career Planning & Job Search Tips

Here is the extended list of 101 Career Planning & 
Job Search Tips which have featured highly on Twitter.
101 Career Planning & Job Search Tips [1-10]
·         Know yourself before you transmit messages to the world
·         Identify your performance strengths
·         Be aware of your performance weaknesses
·         Be specific in what you’re looking for. The world isn’t recruiting generalists anymore.
·         Create your own perfect role description.
·         Explore all of your interests for options. Create a list of at least 40 things which have interest or attraction for you.
·         Ask others to tell you what you’re good at. We never know what were like on the receiving end of ourselves. Getting 180 degree feedback is very powerful. Remember to ask those who will be objective and honest.
·         Know what success looks like for you. Yes there the financial stuff but what about other rewards like, training, location, flexibility, benefits, share options, the chance to do what you do best.
·         What motivates you. What’s the one thing your role must have to make you get out of bed on a cold and wet UK winter morning.
·         When do you find yourself in flow, what are you doing? The things you do when you lose track of time.

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