Career Planning & Job Search : Quick Tips [31-59]

Make the most of recruitment in the last 6 weeks of 2012

·         Practice S T A R answers for common questions – Situation, Task, Action, Result

·         Create a chronological and Functional CV
·         Create your own interview sheet
·         Have a master CV with all info on it
·         Design each CV for each role
·         Always include a cover letter
·         Purchase or create business / contact cards
·         Have a clear e-mail address or create one for job searching
·         Always include your contact details on every piece of correspondence
·         You don’t need to give your D.O.B
·         You don’t need to give marital status
·         Every world on your cv, profile & cover letter must earn its place
·         A personal profile should be 3-5 lines and be personal & professional
·         Include in your profile. Who you are, what you’ve got & what you want
·         Choose a regular font for CV, Cover letter etc. Ariel 11 is great
·         Limit your CV to a maximum of 220 words per page
·         Limit your CV to 2 pages maximum
·         Use your cover letter to introduce why you’re interested in the role and the top 3 skills you’d 
bring to the role
·         Your contact details should always be at the top of the CV & Cover letter
·        Do not put important information in headers and footers
·         Put your name and date in the footer plus page 1 of 2 and 2 of 2
·         Use standard styles and formats as CV’s are often read by recruitment software
·         Do not use tables or inserted objects in your CV if you use .doc or .docx
·         To keep your format in place save your CV as  PDF
·         Follow up each application with a call or at least a follow up e-mail
·         Keep a spread sheet of all applications, dates, companies and which version of CV
·         Use mirror language from the advert in CV and Cover letters
·         70% of jobs are never advertised so 70% of your effort needs to be in conversation
·         Create a profile on LinkedIn
·         Make your profile on LinkedIn 100% complete and include a picture. Look up people on LinkedIn who already have the job you’d like. How do they represent themselves?

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