5 Interview Gaffs – Insights of Interview Fails from The Careers Guy

Whilst I have interviewed and observed some fantastic candidates over the years a few stand out for other reasons; here are five examples from the personal archive …not that you would ever do these of course :-) 

(1) Situation: Candidate is sitting in the reception area and deeply engrossed in a smart phone game is called in for his interview replies “…give me ten minutes I need to finish this level…”

Result: Interview cancelled and candidate given all the time they needed to complete the game


(2) Situation: Candidate is asked “what did your research about the company tell you about us?” He replies “I wasn’t told to do any research, this interview is so unfair”

Result: Interviewing manager immediately got 45 minutes back in her day after politely ending the interview early


(3) Situation: Candidate arrives exactly one week early for an interview for an event management position in a marketing company and opens by saying “…I’m always on time, the details are so important for this industry aren’t they…”

Result: The candidate is praised for her enthusiasm and asked to come back at the same time, same place, but next week please.


(4) Situation: At the midway point of an interview the candidate’s phone rings and he answers “…mum I told you I’d ring after interview, I’ll call you back when I’m done…I think I’ve nailed it this time…”

Result: The candidate was given some friendly advice on how to give his mum the bad news


(5) Situation: The candidate reads the invitation to attend and interview on the 30th June at 10 am and that he should dress in “Business Formal”. Not quite knowing what business formal meant he decides to hire a suit…

Result: The candidate arrives for his trainee sales position wearing a dinner suit and black bow tie and made a powerful first impression


Good luck in your next interview!








Dean Weller (aka- The Careers Guy)

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