Career Top 10 – To Boldly Take Your Career Where It Has Never Been Before…

The festive period is often a time for family, friends and reflection. If you find yourself considering a warp jump in your career in 2014 then follow these Top 10 Tips to boldly take your career where it has never been before.

Communication channels open, Heading 2014, Warp factor 9….Engage!

Star Base 1.  Research yourself. Identify your core skills, values and key achievements

Mars Colony 2.  Research the world of work. Create a list of the industries, sectors, organisations, locations and roles you are specifically interested in

Titan 3.  Create you ideal job description. Given the information from items 1 and 2, what would your ideal job description look like?

Shuttle 4.  Create a master CV. Written for your ideal job description with as much detail and as many examples as you can

Desk 5.  Create a 2 page chronological or functional CV. Written for your ideal job description, and with a clear personal profile which describes who you are, what you have and what you want

Transport Room 6.  Register with no more than 5 online job boards for daily email alerts for jobs matching your search criteria

Deep Space 7.  Make contact with specialist recruiters and search agents who will take the time to get to know you personally. If you get no response, move onto the next

Voyager 8.  Remember that 70% of jobs never get advertised on the open market. Most jobs are filled from internal moves & promotion or from personal recommendation or introductions

Earth Colony 9.  Spend 70% of your search developing your personal and professional network and raising your profile within your industry, location and sector. If you use only one tool then make it LinkedIn

Warp 10.  Get some help, advice and guidance. There are a range of services available for jobseekers at every level. For more from me, please visit

During my 2013 journey, I have interviewed over 300 people and my continuing mission is to help people from all sectors and backgrounds travel from where they are now in their career to where they want to be.  If you’d like to share this mission log and engage with these top 10 tips I know you’ll be starting out on your own new adventure very soon.

Have fun, enjoy work, share knowledge.

Mission complete.  Live long and prosper.


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