Checklist for a great CV

If time is against you and you need to jump-start the process, here are some quick tips for producing your CV:

1. Make sure your contact information is clearly visible at the top of the document

Example CV Layout Title


2. Your personal profile should be around 3-5 lines and tell the reader who you are, what you have and what you’re looking for

Example Profile Statement


3. List your key skills and competencies in order of importance to the role you’re applying for

Example Core Skills


4. Keep it to 2 pages if you’re sending directly to a company or the hiring manager


5. You must make 80% of your impact within the first half page. Most CV’s are scan-read within 20-30 seconds, sometimes a lot less !

20 seconds_stop-watch


6. Use standard margins and an easily readable font and size

Stardard A4


7. Save your CV in PDF format to ensure the formatting is locked down



Here’s your CV Checklist

CV Checklist


For more great CV tips and career advice visit or

Coming soon: The Professional Career Planning & Job Search workbook

Career_Workbook_Cover_A4_300DPI v5 angled no top bar

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