icanology® – A model of Change & Positive Psychology. In the beginning we Imagine.

icanology pillar model

A few weeks ago I published my model of icanology® – Managing Change Positively and I’d now like to introduce some of the detail behind the four pillars of Imagine, Choice, Action & Network. Each pillar was shaped by the work and insight provided by my clients. Their work has shown me that we often use these four pillars in our daily lives – most of the time we are mindless to the fact and they just form part of our approach to a decision, choice or situation we find ourselves dealing with.

However, when one takes a moment to consider the process we can identify the four stages clearly and, in doing so, can put each one to work when we face a difficult, challenging or uncertain situation.

Imagination_Bulb_Green In the beginning we imagine.

If you spend any time working or studying the principles of personal development or coaching you will  be familiar with the idea of goal setting, visualisation or objective setting. It is in the process that Imagination begins to work. For some the process of Imagination is challenging, for others it’s more straightforward.  To demonstrate the power of imagination let’s try a simple exercise:

  • Imagine an elephant
  • A pink elephant
  • A pink, fluffy elephant
  • A pink, fluffy elephant, in your local shopping centre promoting a children’s event in your town
  • A pink, fluffy elephant, with loads of children around him wanting a hug, a photo and a red balloon
  • Close your eyes and create the image in your mind’s eye with as much detail as possible. Considerer the colours, smells, noises and people around you.
  • Done it. Great. You have a great imagination and can use this exercise again if you ever need to get into a creative imagination mode

pink elephant

I’ve only used the elephant exercise once, to a large group, and it got a few laughs as they all had their eyes shut for nearly 5 minutes as I built layer upon layer of the picture. Everyone got it and we had a very engaging session, full of creativity and possibilities.

In my experience being able to imagine the next step in process makes it much easier to identify your choices. We use imagination when deciding which meal to have at the restaurant…and we can use imagination to tap into the possibilities of our careers, organisations, families etc..

I’m now building the toolkit of icanology® and will share more over the coming weeks.

Have a great day.



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