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How do you navigate your way through change?Time

With the dawn offspring finally in the air and the invitation of a new day I’m having a lot of conversations about change. What change will occur in the Berkshire Business world in 2013? Will our new budgets help us meet the changing needs of our customers?  Will I find the job I’ve been longing for and be able to change my career?

Personal ChoicesAs my 11 year old son often reminds me, the one constant in all of our lives is change. And yet the thought of change can still stir feelings of anxiety, uncertainty and fear. We all have them and we all know change is the one thing we can count on, as well as death and taxes!  How can the science of positive psychology help us better navigate change?  If we can make a small improvement to how we face and manage our perceptions of change, perhaps we can make a fundamental difference to our lives?

I have been a student of positive psychology all of my life, although I wasn’t able to label it until a few years ago. I’m a natural listener and have been able to utilize this strength in my consultancy and personal coaching work to listen to the needs, hopes, desires, goals and aspirations of my clients and customers. Whilst listening, I consider the questions which will result in a meaningful and interesting response, often encouraging my client to explore new ideas.

photo_16779_20100518It is from the hundreds of conversations over the last several years that I have been able to identify the key areas each of my clients has shared. The shared experience has resulted in the client telling me that “I Can…” do the thing, achieve the next step or make the next decision. In listening to my clients I have learnt that my job is to show them that they can…or from their point of view I CAN.

During the last 12 months I have completed my model of Change and Positive Psychology. The model of icanology® [i-can-ology] It can be applied to any decision you want to make, any change you want to consider, business or personal…the model applies.

icanology pillar model

Over the coming weeks I will be sharing the details of this model and how you can apply the exercises and outcomes to drive change in your life. If you’re interested in either our icanology® consulting services for business or our icanology® coaching services for individuals then please get in touch.

Have a great day.


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