Is your CV fit for the Doctor?


Over the last few weeks I’ve been busy writing the Career Workbook and conducting research on the style and design for the CV templates to be used in the book. One recent news story made me stop and take a welcome break – the search for the next Doctor has begun. With speculation rife as to who will replace Matt Smith and become the 12th Doctor, I gave thought to a CV fit for the Doctor.

Should one be able to apply for one of the most sort after positions in space and time, perhaps the following would do well?



  • Transparent. A great CV tells a complete story and connects from your time in education through your adventures in employment with reference to your professional training and off world encounters.
  • Appropriate. Tell your story with style and a language which reflects the organisation, or alien world, to which you’re applying. Mirror the language and tone used on the organisations advert or website
  • Reviewed. Take time to review your CV on screen and on paper. You’ll see things on paper that can get lost on screen, it’s always great to get someone else to read too
  • Distinctive. Like the Doctor’s bow tie or oversized scarf, your CV needs to reflect your own style and personality.
  • Informative. A great CV is full of data which qualifies and quantifies your experience.
  • Specific. Just as each episode of our favourite sci-fi show focuses on the needs of a particular problem, your CV needs to be specifically designed for the organisation and role you’re applying for.

For a CV fit for the Doctor…ensure you follow the TARDIS. Transparent, Appropriate, Reviewed, Distinctive, Informative, Specific.

See you in space and time.



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