Job Searching with the 1 in 1000 candidate. It could be YOU!

Are you the 1 in 1000 candidate who does things differently?

This post is all about how to stand out from the crowd in your job search.


I have recruited for nearly 20 years, looked at thousands of CVs and conducted hundreds of interviews. In my experience, most CVs are vanilla in flavour and short on personality – And that’s really good news if you want to stand out from the crowd, get noticed by employers and get a job you really want.

So how do you do it? Simply, you need to do the things others aren’t prepared to do.

For most people, job searching is something which is done in front of a screen whilst connected to the internet. Sending online applications and e-mails with CV’s and Cover Letters attached.

Up the steps

To gain some insight I reached out to my network and asked a few of my colleagues how they receive applications from candidates – all said electronically. Some of these people are recruiting hundreds of people year and everyone sends their CV by e-mail or uploading online. Here’s your opportunity to stand out, do something different and be the 1 in 1000 candidate in 7 simple steps.

  1. Identify a role you want to apply for
  2. Identify the organisation who’s recruiting. To help identify an organisation from a job board posting conduct a  web search using a key phrase or words wrapped in speak marks (“). Often the organisation will use the same advert on their website as the job board
  3. Identify a key person in the organisation. You can do a business directory search, use LinkedIn or call the company. The aim is to get a senior contact that has responsibility for the role. Often a company’s ‘about us’ page on their website is good start
  4. Write a cover letter and CV specifically designed for this role. Address the letter to the named individual
  5. Hand write and envelope and mark Private & Confidential to the named individual. Sign your letter by hand and then put the CV and Cover letter in the envelope
  6. Put stamp on it and post it
  7. Follow up a couple of days later with a phone call


When’s the last time you received a hand written envelop marked private and confidential?

The envelope is likely to reach the named individual and will get a lot more time than another e-mail in the inbox. By doing something different you have got your letter and CV into the hands of someone with authority AND done something different from every other candidate!

Most candidates will never do this. It’s simple, effective and could make every difference to your search. What do you have to lose?

Go old school and get a job you really want.


Dean Weller –  ‘The Careers Guy’

Dean Weller is a Career Management Coach & Business Consultant with a passion for Applied Positive Psychology. For details of career management services or to get in touch Please visit

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