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Here’s what our clients say when we asked them what they’ve gained from coaching and what words best describe their experience

“Feedback from the team is great and really makes the investment worthwhile, everyone has gained and used the time to make positive changes which is reflecting in the culture and output from the teams. Thank you.”

- Nick Wood, Chief Executive, NHS.

 “Greater awareness of my leadership style and how to adapt to situations. Thinking in new ways and to become more positive, look at what feedback and approach I would like from my manager and be that manager to my staff. My experience has been Inspirational, Friendly, Meaningful, Valuable and Professional.”

– Kerry White, Divisional Director, NHS

“I realise that strategic leadership can be fun. I am better able to cope with the high demands of my position and adapt my behaviours and communication dependant on the needs of my team. Dean really helped me stand back from the edge and look at the whole landscape. He gave me some practical tools to manage my workload, and prioritise what I needed to do in order to go forward. My experience has been: Positive, Inspirational, Valuable, Honest Supportive and Professional.”

– Rebecca Findlay, Head of Communications, NHS

“Working with Dean has helped me and the entire FISCAL team immensely. Our work has enabled the team to communicate more effectively and given us a vocabulary with which to improve communication and empathy. I have seen Dean run engaging training events and deliver inspiring talks at conferences. Dean is a pleasure to work with and has had a positive affect with my team and fellow Directors.”

- Howard Durdle, CTO, FISCAL Technologies

“Dean is not only a lovely person but is always very positive and professional when you talk to him. You feel motivated and enthusiastic about everything you have discussed with him. I needed to think about the direction I was going with my business and he has enabled me to step back and look objectively at what I am doing and what I need to do to achieve my goals. I was so pleased that I have recommended him to my sister who is considering a career change. “

– Deborah Heath, Company Director and Leading UK Interior Designer

“To be true to myself and believe in my own ability. To be myself and have more fun. My experience was – Positive, Friendly, Honest, Valuable and Professional “

– Sheridan Flavin, HR Director, NHS.

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