Executive mentoring on our MentorVIP™ programme is designed for leaders who are serious about taking the next step in their professional development.

We understand challenges facing 21st century leaders who needs to be creative, innovative and manage change whilst prioritising the ever increasing demands on their time. Delivered over 12 months our programme is highly effective, personal and full of practical techniques you can apply every day.

The MentorVIP™ programme is designed for…

  1. Senior Managers, Directors and Executives
  2. Those who are highly committed to personal and professional development
  3. Those who wish to develop creativity & innovation in their organisation
  4. Those implementing and leading significant change programmes
  5. Managing the increasing demands on your time

“My confidence levels have significantly improved. I have better insight on how my language and behaviour affects my team and colleagues. I use the examples highlighted by Dean to improve my team working and relationships which has resulted in improved service delivery and my enjoyment of the working day. I found Dean to be positive, inspirational, supportive and most of all a trusted advisor.”

– Karen Croker, Operations Director, NHS

Work 1.2.1 with Dean

We are only able to invite 8 people per year on the MentorVIP™ programme who work personally with Dean on 1.2.1 basis throughout the programme.

The MentorVIP™ programme is delivered in 12 two hour sessions over 12 months.

Whilst the framework is created to ensure you achieve your desired results, your programme will be unique to you and designed to meet your personal and professional objectives.

The framework for the programme is:

  1. Identification & development of signature strengths
  2. 360 Feedback and review
  3. Understanding your default style – attitude, behaviour and communication
  4. Managing conflict – your default and alternative strategies
  5. Positive change management – working with ICANOLOGY®
  6. Mindfulness – Focusing on the present, with awareness, non-judgementally
  1. Broadening and building positive psychological resources
  2. Enhancing the creative process
  3. Wholehearted listening
  4. Coaching and developing others
  5. Cultivating flow in your organisation
  6. Career planning

The price for the MentorVIP™ programme is £6,000*

*exludes VAT and travel expenses

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