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Its common sense to develop the positive aspects of your character that come most naturally and make you feel good about yourself.

We are accredited and use internationally recognised assessments for identifying and utilising an individual’s greatest strengths, either for personal or professional development – often for both. It’s been said that developing our strengths is the smallest thing we can do to make the biggest difference in organisational performance.

We can support you with strengths-based recruitment, character strengths assessments or deliver training, development days and workshops which are highly practical, engaging and with lasting benefits you can track and record. Give us a call for an informal chat and tell us about your team.

Those who develop their signature strengths often report:

  • Greater self-esteem

  • Lower levels of stress

  • Increased experience of a flow state or working ‘in the zone’

  • Greater vitality

SDI – Strengths Deployment Inventory

What is SDI? Strength Deployment Inventory is a practical and useful self-awareness inventory that increases relationship effectiveness. It is a life inventory based on Elias Porter’s relationship awareness® theory, it is a validated self-assessment tool that delivers proven business and personal outcomes by decreasing the underlying conflicts which diminish relationships.

The power of SDI is in how quickly and easily it gets people connecting and really talking to each other. SDI facilitates strong relationships through:

  • The insights people gain
  • The acceptance it encourages
  • The conversations it informs
  • The trust it increases
  • The conflict it decreases

Realise 2 from CAPP

Realise2 is a world-leading strengths assessment and development tool. The Realise2 Product Suite provides a range of strengths tools that will help you unlock the performance potential of individuals, teams and organisations through realising their strengths.

60 strengths are assessed according to the three dimensions of energy, performance and frequency of use, making it truly unique and distinct from the typical one-dimensional strengths test. These three dimensions are then used to identify where your strengths lie across the four categories of realised strengths, unrealised strengths, learned behaviours and weaknesses.

This highly practical tool is great for personal development or strengths based recruitment and has been taken by over 70,000 people around the world. Taking the Realise2 assessment and talking through your results with one of our accredited coaches could just be the smallest thing you can do to make the biggest difference to your performance. The benefits of using Realise2 include:

  • Clearly identify your signature strengths and weaknesses
  • Distinguish the difference between strengths and learned behaviours
  • Identify the areas ripe for development, your unrealised strengths
  • Connect with your career in new and highly personal way
  • Learn how to spot and develop strengths in others

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